Easiest way to hang a photo collage…



I’m obsessed with hanging pictures and i love the idea of a big collage in the front room so everyone can see when they walk in…

I had one up before we painted and got a new couch but since this couch is much bigger i needed a bigger collage. I remember how tricky it was to get the last one to line up on the wall the way i had it on the floor so i came up with an easy way…

step one. organize your pictures on the floor.


step two. lay out a sheet of wrapping paper and cut it the same length then trace over the frames.


step three. hang the paper on the wall where you want your collage to go.


step four. flip the frames over to measure and figure out where you need the nails to go and then measure and mark that on the wrapping paper. Then hammer all the nails through the marks in the paper and pull the paper down.

Hang your pictures. done.



About rachelmikell

I grew up in Ogden, Utah. I graduated high school in 2009 and met my husband a year and a half later while we were both going to school at Weber State University. We got married and moved to Niceville, Florida in 2011. We spent nine amazing months living on the beach while he was in training for the military. In October 2012 our son was born. A week later we moved to Clarksville, Tennessee, where my husband is now stationed. I get to spend my days with my sweet boy and sometimes find the time to do fun projects, paint, and decorate our first home. I've never felt more blessed and I'm so lucky I get to share this life with my beautiful family!

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